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Why stem is important for you child's future?

Inspiring the Innovators of Tomorrow

At STEMEX, we believe in the power of curiosity and the limitless potential of young minds. Our mission is to spark a lifelong passion for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) in children. But why is STEM so important?

The Importance of STEM Education

Future-Ready Skills:

Problem-Solving: STEM subjects teach children how to think critically and solve complex problems.
Innovation: Encouraging creativity and innovation, STEM education equips children with the skills to invent and improve.
Collaboration: Working on STEM projects fosters teamwork and communication skills.

Understanding the World:

Scientific Literacy: A solid foundation in STEM helps children make sense of the world around them.
Technological Proficiency: As technology becomes more integral to our lives, understanding it becomes crucial.


How STEMEX Makes a Difference

  1. Engaging Curriculum:

    • Hands-On Learning: Our programs are designed to be interactive and fun, ensuring that children stay engaged and excited about learning.
    • Real-World Applications: We connect STEM concepts to real-life scenarios to show their relevance and impact.
  2. Expert Guidance:

    • Qualified Instructors: Our team of educators and industry professionals are passionate about STEM and skilled in making complex ideas accessible to young learners.
    • Personalized Learning: We tailor our programs to meet the needs and interests of each child, fostering a love for learning.
  3. Inclusive Environment:

    • All Abilities Welcome: We believe that every child has the potential to excel in STEM, and we provide support to ensure everyone can participate.
    • Diverse Perspectives: We celebrate diversity and encourage children to bring their unique viewpoints to STEM challenges.

Join the STEMEX Community

At STEMEX, we are more than just a learning center; we are a community of curious minds eager to explore and create. By nurturing an interest in STEM, we prepare children to become the problem-solvers, innovators, and leaders of tomorrow.

Discover the excitement of STEM with us. Let’s inspire the next generation together!

FAQ about the booking process.

Our workshops are designed for children aged 4 to 13+, with each session tailored to ensure age-appropriate and engaging content for all participants.

Yes, we offer specially designed workshops to support children with SEND, providing sensory-friendly environments and adaptive learning methods to meet their unique needs.

Absolutely! We provide special weekday programs for homeschooling families, offering a unique blend of hands-on learning and creativity at discounted rates. We offer flexibility in course content, ages, and group sizes, ensuring affordability and customization to homeschoolers’ needs.

Schools are encouraged to contact us directly to book visits. We provide a variety of STEM experiences and can accommodate groups for interactive and educational trips, tailored to the school’s curriculum needs.

Our workshops include a wide range of activities, from building and programming robots to conducting hands-on science experiments and engaging in creative play with our extensive collection of educational tools and resources.

Yes, we offer customizable birthday party packages and private events, providing a fun-filled environment with STEM-based activities, games, and learning opportunities. Our packages are priced variably to cater to different needs, starting from £200 to £1000.

Bookings can be made directly through our website’s booking system. For further assistance with scheduling and payment options, please contact us via Google, Instagram, or Facebook, and we will provide you with the necessary booking links.

Our on-site café serves a variety of snacks, drinks, and meal options for both children and adults, offering a comfortable seating area for families to enjoy.

Ensuring safety is our top priority. Our tutors undergo DBS checks, and we maintain a supervised environment at all times. First aid is available on-site 24/7 to address any emergencies.

Yes, it’s possible to book the entire centre or part of it during our opening hours. For pricing and arrangements, please get in touch with us directly.

Castle Quarter’s Car Park 1 and Car Park 2 provide over 900 parking spaces, conveniently located for visitors to our centre.

Our centre is equipped with disabled facilities, including a WC toilet and classrooms with height-adjustable tables to accommodate wheelchair users.

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