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Our Services


Join our unique workshops and take the first steps in becoming a software programmer, a robotics engineer or simply an excellent problem solver! Enhance your child’s creativity and critical thinking with our workshops, designed to empower a gradual transition from simple to advanced, inspiring kids of all levels, from ages 4 to 13+. Through our holistic approach that seamlessly merges play with hands-on learning, kids build functional models, carry out experiments to “learn by doing”, and then invent and program their own devices and robots, developing key 21st century skills and engineering design thinking.


Put your lab coats on as we enter the magical world of Physics, Chemistry and Biology and ignite the spark of curiosity! Our classes are tailored for Young scientists aged 7-13+, offering different challenges for each age group, according to their prior knowledge and skills. These playful workshops aim to encourage children to explore the mysteries of the world surrounding us, through hands-on learning where they can observe and make exciting discoveries through fun experiments and activities.


The choices are endless with our plethora of parts such as solar panels, motors, gears, technical connectors and more. The building system has evolved to offer specialized parts for every age group, ensuring an optimal level of intricacy and dexterity skills. Our expert STEM facilitators will guide aspiring inventors to create their own models, or simply to build and extend models from our huge library accessible from the provided tablets and KidCAD 3D app! Once kids build their models, they can either disassemble them and leave them in our storage boxes, or they can take it home by weighing the parts and buying their creation at a very low cost.

SEND-Focused STEM Workshops

At our Norwich Centre, we’re dedicated to inclusive learning where children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) thrive. Our tailored workshops provide a sensory-friendly environment suited for children with ADHD, autism, and other needs. Through adaptive, hands-on activities, we make learning accessible, engaging, and supportive. Experienced facilitators lead SEND children at their pace, employing specialized tools and methods to bolster creativity, confidence, and problem-solving skills. Empower your child in a space where every invention is celebrated, and every child’s potential is unlocked.

SEND School Group Activities

Our Norwich Centre warmly invites SEND schools from Norfolk, Suffolk, and neighboring counties for specialized group activities. Designed for the unique needs of SEND students and their accompanying adults, our school trips offer interactive, sensory-friendly STEM experiences. Collaborative activities aim to foster an inclusive environment where every student feels valued and empowered. Our skilled team provides a supportive setting that promotes exploration, creativity, and teamwork among students. Collaborate with us to create memorable learning experiences that resonate with SEND students, enriching their educational journey with the wonders of STEM.


Attention all homeschooling parents in the vibrant communities of Norwich, Norfolk, Suffolk, and beyond! Our Norwich Centre offers a special invitation to you and your children for bespoke weekday STEM adventures. Designed for the homeschooling ethos, our activities blend hands-on learning, creativity, and critical thinking, all at nearly 50% off weekend rates. Engage in collaborative projects, explore science in action, and tackle problem-solving challenges designed to spark young minds. Our supportive environment nurtures curiosity and a love for learning, complementing your homeschooling journey. Join us for a unique educational experience that celebrates the spirit of homeschooling!
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